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What is a real estate sale/purchase contract?

A real estate sale/purchase contract is used when the seller sells, and the buyer buys real estate property.

When do I need a real estate sale/purchase contract?

Always for the real estate sale/purchase transaction, except for the sale of the property in the court foreclosure auction.

Do I need a written real estate sale/purchase contract?

Yes. The law mandates the real estate property transfer only via the written contract with the seller’s signature verified by the notary public. As mentioned, the only exception is purchasing the property in the foreclosure auction. The reason behind it is a very formal and regulated procedure of the ownership transfer by registration in the land registry. 

What is regulated in the real estate sale/purchase contract?

The contract regulates, for example: 
  • parties to the contract
  • the seller’s warranties of the legal and factual state of the property
  • the exact description of the property (needs to be precise and identical to the one on the excerpt)
  • price, manner, and terms of payment
  • the moment of the ownership transfer and the permit to the buyer to register as the owner (transfer deed)
  • transfer of the property possession (not the same as the ownership transfer)
  • transfer of other obligations related to the property (utilities and similar)
  • payment of taxes and the property transfer costs
  • other rights and obligations of the parties 

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