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What is an employment contract?

An employment contract is, according to the Labour Act, an agreement between the employer and an employee, which regulates the employment relationship. 

When do I need an employment contract?

An employment contract is required any time an employment relationship is established between the employer and an employee. It must be signed before the employment starts. 

Do I need a written employment contract?

Yes. For the employer-employee relationship to be duly regulated in all matters required by the law, the contract needs to be in the written form. If the written contract does not exist, you are exposed to multiple risks. 

What is regulated in the employment contract?

Employment contract determines, for example: 
  • the parties to the contract
  • workplace and the description of the employee’s tasks
  • salary and other payments
  • working hours 
  • holiday time 
  • notice periods and severance pay if different than provided by the law
  • non-compete
  • other rights and obligations of the employer and an employee

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